Friday, November 1, 2013

Moving Day for Chicks

Well, today was moving day for the 1 month old chicks.  They are fully feathered out, and have been going without their heat lamp for about a week now.  Their dust was becoming unbearable in the little house where we have been keeping them.  So, the kids and I moved the chicks outdoors and set them up under the hay shelter.  We used leaves for their bedding.  I like free stuff, and leaves are free!  We'll turn their heat lamp on the first few nights to help them adjust to the cooler temperatures.

Step one was moving them outside.  Step two is cleaning up the thick layer of dust, dirt, and shavings they created while they were indoors.  The kids helped me with step one, but somehow they disappeared when it was time to do step two.  And then I looked at my watch, and it was time to take the kids to swim team practice.  So step two will happen another day.

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