Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 2014 Milk Test Results

You might be wondering why I didn't post August's milk test results.  The answer is simple.  The state didn't sample my milk in August, so there was no test taken.  However, my milk was tested for September, and here are the usual awesome results.

SPC <2500 /ml
Coliform <1 /ml
SCC <100,000 /ml

Once again, we can all be assured that the milk is of extremely high quality.  Hope you are all having a wonderful month!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Milk Test Results

Tada!!!  Once again, the milk test results are stellar! 

SPC <2500 / mL
Coliform <1 / mL
SCC <100,000 / mL

It's nice to rest assured that the milk you buy here, and that I am serving to my family, is safe and high quality.  It sure tastes awesome!  No denying that!  Hope everyone is having an excellent summer.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Can I bring my own containers?

Some inquiries have asked if they can bring their own containers to avoid the $4 per jar deposit.  The answer is yes, if they are an exact match to my jars, we can just swap.  If they don't match, then the answer is no; the reason being that I need to streamline the process for myself and my family and finding the right lid to match each type/size of jar is a hassle.  I can't allow transferring of milk into different containers at my place, either.  The reason for this is that I have to be sure that the milk leaving my place is being sold in clean containers.  Thanks for understanding!  :)

The jars I use are G004 at Container and Packaging Supply in Eagle, ID.  Any gallon glass jar that fits the same lid is acceptable.


Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014 Milk Test Results

The state dairy inspector came rather late this month, and so here it is June 30th and I finally received my results and can write this post now.

As per usual I have exceeded my test goals...

Somatic Cell Count (SCC) <100,000/mL (below the minimum detection level for the test)
Standard Plate Count (SPC) <2500/mL (below the minimum detection level for the test)
Coliform <1/mL (none detected)

Somatic cell count (SCC) can indicate the health of the udder, whether or not the cow has mastitis.  When a cow has an injury to the udder, this number can also be elevated without anything being wrong with the milk.  Standard plate count (SPC) is the total bacteria, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Coliform is environmental contamination type of bacteria, including, but not limited to, fecal bacteria.

This means the milk you are drinking and serving to your family, and that I am drinking and serving to my family is extremely safe and of very high quality.  In order to keep your milk fresh as long as possible, keep it cold, below 40 degrees F, covered, and in sterilized containers.

I am, of course, very happy with these awesome results on my monthly state-required milk test.  It makes me very pleased to know that I am serving and selling such high quality milk.  The results for ALL raw milk producers is a matter of public record, and I encourage you to inquire with the Idaho State Department of Agriculture at the Dairy Bureau about the results for any raw milk producer you are considering buying from in the state.  Your family's health is worth it, and the Dairy Bureau is happy to provide this information, at no cost to you.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Emmy (Emerald) had her first calf!

And it's a heifer (a girl).  I decided to name her Topaz.  All my female cattle are named after precious gems.  She was born the morning of June 13th.  Here are some pictures.

In the last picture, Topaz's grandma, Ruby, was helping to lick her off.  Ruby seemed to think the calf was hers and tried to get it to nurse on her!  I had to intervene and keep Ruby away from the new pair until the calf got some colostrum.

Emmy and Topaz are doing very well so far.  Emmy is giving almost 4 gallons of milk every day, which is really great for a Jersey x Angus.  Ruby is also giving just over 4 gallons a day right now, so I am swimming in milk right now, with about 8 gallons every day!

Today I made mozzarella, ricotta, and butter.  Tomorrow I will probably make two cheeses and either some ice cream or more butter, or both.  I have to keep up on all this milk or else my fridge might explode.

I have plenty of milk to sell right now, that's for sure!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Ruby Bred and Settled

Sunday, May 11th marked another heat cycle for my cow, Ruby.  I noticed she was in heat and called my AI tech.  He came over in the evening and bred my cow for me.  I sure hope she settles this time.  If she doesn't, I may have to find a bull and see if we can get her settled that way.  I think the other times I had her bred too late in her cycle, even though I was reassured by my AI tech that it wasn't too late.  This time around, I noticed early enough in the day that I was able to get the AI tech to come in the evening.  Previous cycles, I haven't been sure until afternoon, and then my AI tech would come the next day to breed.  It was too late, I think. 

If she conceives this time around, her due date would be February 21, 2015, and we would likely dry her off around Thanksgiving.  It would be a bit early, but I would like to have some time off milking two cows, if possible.  Winter time is the best time to reduce the farm workload.  My cow, Emmy, is due the end of next month, and so I will have two to milk from the time she has her calf until I dry off Ruby.

May's Milk Quality Test Results

Still producing high quality raw milk.

Results are the same as most of my previous months:

SPC <2500 /mL
Coliform <1 /mL
SCC <100,000 /mL

Quoting myself once again to give an explanation of the numbers...

"SPC is Standard Plate Count (total bacteria, good or bad).  Coliform is environmental bacteria (may or may not include fecal).  SCC is Somatic Cell Count and an elevated number can indicate mastitis or can be reflective of injury to the udder.

State tests do not detect less than the values I have shown above.  To pass state tests, the SPC needs to be below 15,000/mL, Coliform less than 25/mL, and SCC less than 500,000/mL.  Once again, I am very pleased with my results, and find it very reassuring to know that the milk I am drinking and selling is extremely high quality milk."