Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November Milk Quality Test Results

All tests passed again this month, though I am not satisfied with the coliform count being anything but zero.  It has been very muddy and messy around here with all the rain.  Obviously, there was some contamination, even if it was a small amount.  I am constantly striving to do better with my milk handling.

Standard Plate Count <2500/mL
Coliform 6/mL
Somatic Cell Count 100,000/mL

To pass the state tests, the SPC needs to be <15,000/mL, coliform <25/mL, and SCC <500,000/mL.  My personal goal is to have the SPC at <2500/mL, Coliform at <1/mL, and SCC at <200,000/mL.  I am glad to see the SPC and SCC looking so good, but as I said, I am not satisfied with anything but <1/mL for my coliform count.

Additionally, the thermometer for the state read that the milk was at 32*F when it was initially tested, but my fridge said it was 34*F.  When it reached the state lab, it was at 0.3*C, which translates to 32.54*F.  After 30 minutes at the lab, it was 0.2*F, which is 32.36*F.  I set my fridge a tiny bit warmer.  We don't want frozen milk; very cold will do. 

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