Monday, May 12, 2014

May's Milk Quality Test Results

Still producing high quality raw milk.

Results are the same as most of my previous months:

SPC <2500 /mL
Coliform <1 /mL
SCC <100,000 /mL

Quoting myself once again to give an explanation of the numbers...

"SPC is Standard Plate Count (total bacteria, good or bad).  Coliform is environmental bacteria (may or may not include fecal).  SCC is Somatic Cell Count and an elevated number can indicate mastitis or can be reflective of injury to the udder.

State tests do not detect less than the values I have shown above.  To pass state tests, the SPC needs to be below 15,000/mL, Coliform less than 25/mL, and SCC less than 500,000/mL.  Once again, I am very pleased with my results, and find it very reassuring to know that the milk I am drinking and selling is extremely high quality milk."

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