Monday, May 12, 2014

Getting Ruby Bred and Settled

Sunday, May 11th marked another heat cycle for my cow, Ruby.  I noticed she was in heat and called my AI tech.  He came over in the evening and bred my cow for me.  I sure hope she settles this time.  If she doesn't, I may have to find a bull and see if we can get her settled that way.  I think the other times I had her bred too late in her cycle, even though I was reassured by my AI tech that it wasn't too late.  This time around, I noticed early enough in the day that I was able to get the AI tech to come in the evening.  Previous cycles, I haven't been sure until afternoon, and then my AI tech would come the next day to breed.  It was too late, I think. 

If she conceives this time around, her due date would be February 21, 2015, and we would likely dry her off around Thanksgiving.  It would be a bit early, but I would like to have some time off milking two cows, if possible.  Winter time is the best time to reduce the farm workload.  My cow, Emmy, is due the end of next month, and so I will have two to milk from the time she has her calf until I dry off Ruby.

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