Monday, June 16, 2014

Emmy (Emerald) had her first calf!

And it's a heifer (a girl).  I decided to name her Topaz.  All my female cattle are named after precious gems.  She was born the morning of June 13th.  Here are some pictures.

In the last picture, Topaz's grandma, Ruby, was helping to lick her off.  Ruby seemed to think the calf was hers and tried to get it to nurse on her!  I had to intervene and keep Ruby away from the new pair until the calf got some colostrum.

Emmy and Topaz are doing very well so far.  Emmy is giving almost 4 gallons of milk every day, which is really great for a Jersey x Angus.  Ruby is also giving just over 4 gallons a day right now, so I am swimming in milk right now, with about 8 gallons every day!

Today I made mozzarella, ricotta, and butter.  Tomorrow I will probably make two cheeses and either some ice cream or more butter, or both.  I have to keep up on all this milk or else my fridge might explode.

I have plenty of milk to sell right now, that's for sure!

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