Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Milk Test

Yesterday I had my first state milk test.  I'll find out the results by Monday the 19th.  This is what they are looking for when they test the milk:

On site, the milk is tested for temperature, and mine was at 33*F, almost a little too low... I don't want to freeze it!  After the temperature test, it is placed in sterile plastic vials and transported to the lab for the remaining tests.  The woman who took the sample told me not to be surprised if I don't pass the first time.  She said it's rare that anyone passes all the tests the very first time.  She also said she would do a brucellosis ring test, even though my cow has been vaccinated for brucellosis, and that since my cow is a jersey, she may not pass.  She said the rich jersey milk somehow skews the test to give false positives.  Well, I'm very interested to see how we did, especially with the stellar expectations she gave me.  I'll post when I get the results. 

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