Saturday, August 3, 2013

Milk and Egg Customer Instructions and information

Milk Jar washing instructions:

  1. Always rinse milk jars in lukewarm water right away.   Use lukewarm water, because hot makes milk proteins stick to the jar, and cold makes butterfat stick to the jar. Do not allow milk to dry in the jar.  Milk proteins stick to the jar when dried on.  You can’t see them, but they build up over time and can cause off-flavors in the milk.  Special dairy acid can remove milk protein build-up.  I rinse all jars with dairy acid twice per year.  Even if you can’t do a full washing of a jar right away, always rinse it with lukewarm water immediately.  Rinse until the water appears clear, not opaque.   
  2.  If you have a dishwasher, run the jar through a full cycle, with a heated dry.  If you do not have a dishwasher, hand wash with hot, soapy water, preferably with a brush, or all stainless steel scrubbing pad, rather than a sponge or rag.  Sponges and rags are notorious for carrying numerous bacteria.  If you can have a dedicated brush or ss scrubbing pad for this purpose that would be best.  After hand washing, rinse with 1 teaspoon chlorine bleach per 1 gallon water. 
  3.  Allow the jar to dry completely before replacing the lid.  If any moisture is in the jar, it will be a medium for bacterial growth, and will soon be bad enough to gag a maggot.  Blegh!

Thank you for taking the time to clean your jars as per my instructions.  It saves  me so much time, and protects you, me, and all the rest of my customers from getting sick (or just having milk that tastes "off")!

For your information:

  • My raw milk ISDA permit number is RCM 061. The milk you are buying is raw, unpasteurized, whole milk. 
  •  My cattle have been tested for tuberculosis and vaccinated for brucellosis.  The milk is tested at least 4 times every 6 months by the Department of Agriculture.  Each batch must be negative for drugs (medications for the cows) and must meet coliform bacteria and somatic cell count standards.  Milk must also be cooled to 40F quickly.  I do this by placing the milk into an ice water bath inside my refrigerator.  Usually it reaches 40F within 30 minutes. 
  •  Milk jar deposits are $4 per jar.  If at any time you choose to discontinue buying milk, your $4 deposit per jar is 100% refundable, with the return of jars with lids in good condition.  You can avoid paying the $4 per jar fee if you purchase the exact same jars and fitting lids that I use, and bring them to me.  They can be purchased at Container and Packaging Supply in Eagle, Idaho.  The website is and the product number is G004 for the jar.  Lids are L247 (in any color), or L465.  Do not purchase the type of lids with liners.  Bring the number of jars you plan on using per week. 
  •  Please contact me 208-794-5016 (text or Facebook) 24 hours before you plan to pick up milk so that I can write your name on the jars.  I need to rotate milk, and the most effective way for me to do this is by marking the jars with your name.  Just tell me how many gallons you want.  Sometimes it can be several days before I have any milk available, depending on what orders I have already received, but I will fill your order as soon as possible, inform you what day I have milk available, and will tell you if there is ever a problem with your order. 
  •  Please write yourself a receipt when you pick up your milk and eggs (I need a copy for my records), place payment in the envelope provided and put it into the cash box.  You will need to bring exact change, or write a check.  If you wish to pay using paypal, my paypal email address is and you must send the payment as a gift, so that I will not be charged a service fee.  If using paypal, payment must be made within 24 hours of picking up your milk, and please make out a receipt and mark it “Paypal” so that I will know to look for your payment.  Clean, return jars should be placed on the counter, to the left of the sink.  Also, please take note of the refrigerator temperature, and alert me (text or Facebook me) if it is above 40F. 
  • Prices for 2014 are as follows.  Milk is $6.50/gallon.  Eggs are $2.50/doz.  Jar deposits are $4 per jar.  If you bring 20 empty egg cartons in good condition, you may have a free dozen eggs, but please make a note of it on the receipt.  If a jar breaks while in your possession, the lid is still usable to me, so go ahead and bring it back, please.

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