Monday, August 19, 2013

First Test Results!

After the low expectations given me by the sample collector, I really wondered how hard it was to pass the milk tests.  I was worried I wouldn't pass.  Well, today my worries  have been allayed by the results.  Not only did I pass, I passed with flying colors!

Standard Plate Count (total bacteria)
I needed to have less than 15,000 mg/l to pass the test.  Well, my results were lower than their test could even detect, at <2,500 mg/l.

Coliform bacteria
To pass the test I needed to have a figure less than 25 /ml.  Mine was 12 /ml.

Of course, my cow's milk tested negative, and that is the standard.

Somatic Cell Count (test can indicate mastitis infection in the udder)
I needed to have less than 500,000 /ml to pass the test.  I had 190,000 /ml.

I needed to have milk between 33*F and 40*F.  Mine was at 33*F at the initial test.  After transporting to the lab, my milk was at 1.7*C (or 35.06*F).

So, the milk you are drinking is very, very safe!  (And tastes great, too!)  I haven't heard anything about the brucellosis ring test results yet, but my cow was vaccinated, so I am hoping there won't be any problem. 

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